Monday, January 10, 2011

I was featured on the Teresa Collins Blog!!!!

This weekend has been hectic, with planning my return to school and starting a new semester.  Found out I'm teaching a course and though I love teaching undergraduate courses, my load this semester is seriously looking to be overwhelming.  So here I am finishing up my fellowship application and I checked my blog and see all these comments on one of my posts... 

Well, turns out Teresa Collins featured my two-page layout of Coundown 'til Christmas on her blog!!! I just about fell off my chair!!! I love her products, they are so elegantly abstract and ornate at the same time.  I actually keep a stack of her album kits and papers well stocked on my scraproom (seriously, I keep like 2-3 sheets of each and every one of her lines... LOL).

Thanks so much for making my day Teresa!!!!  I'm so honored!!! (and  sooooo surprised!)

Here's a link to the post on her blog:  Teresa Collins Blog.

This is the 2-page layout that was featured on her post:



  1. Congratulations, Lizzy! What fantastic news! It's well-derserved! I love that 2 pager!

  2. Cogratultion!!! Such a wonderful layout so can see why she featured it......

  3. Beautiful, inspiring layout!! Thank you for sharing, and I am glad to find your blog!!