Sunday, November 28, 2010

Poinsettia Wreath

I have accumulated so much ribbon lately that I was looking for ways to use it to make some holiday decor.  I remembered how my grandmother used to make wreaths for every holiday and I used to sit down in her kitchen table and look at her beautiful creations.  I clearly remembered the Day of the Dead wreaths she made with crepe paper, wire, and ribbon.  

In my nostalgia I thought about using my ribbon to decorate a wreath.  I had some cardboard left over and I drew a circle and cut it out to use it as the base.  Then I started scrunching up the wired ribbon all around. I used glue to keep it into place and mini brads on some parts, just to keep it in place but I took them away when it was dry.

The poinsettias are from Michael's.  They have stems with 3-4 poinsettias for like $1.99.  I kept the palette soft and used white and gold poinsettias.  By the way, did you know poinsettias come from Mexico? Back in the 1800s the US Ambassador to Mexico introduced them to the United States.  His last name was Poinsett, so the flowers were named after him.  The Spanish name is Nochebuena, which is also the name used to refer to Christmas Eve in Mexico.  TFL!!


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  2. Gorgeous wreath Liz!! Great info on the history of poinsettias, too :)

  3. Gorgeous!!! Wish I had time to lift this...Your work is such an inspiration! TFS! :)