Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wired Ribbon Flower Tutorial

I am completely in love with these wired ribbon roses.  I had read about them in a scrapbooking magazine.  I can't remember the creator's name to give her credit, and cannot take sole credit for it, but I put my own spin on it and love the freestyling you can do with it.  I had made this type of flower before with regular ribbon and gotta tell you, it's much easier to make with the wired kind!!! Literally took me 5 minutes to make this one!

1.  You need wired ribbon and your preferred glue.  I ran out of my clear glue so I'm using my liquid stitch, which dries clear but looks white on the pictures, sorry.

2.  Fold across the end of the ribbon, like I show in the picture and press the wires gently.

3. Roll tightly around to get a closed rose center.

4.  Here's where it gets freestyle.  The key to getting the rose shape is twisting around the center but how you do it is completely up to you.  I twisted inward, outward, or just wrapped. Don't be afraid to experiment!!!

5.  You can add glue as you go to get the shape you want or you can add the glue later once you shape the layers.  I've done it both ways and it works the same, just make sure that you apply it to the bottom of each layer so the flower doesn't unravel.

This is a card I made with this rose for a dear girl in my life who is going through some difficult circumstances. 



  1. Fabulous tutorial! Can't wait to try it. Your card is simply beautiful!

  2. I love this!!! I'm so going to try it soon!! so awesome =o)