Monday, June 13, 2011

Hand Dyed Crinkle Seam Binding ~ for sale on my ebay!

I have had such a blast dying this marvel of sewing transplanted into scrapbooking... I tried several techniques and several ways to mix colors, but in the end I decided not to use glimmer mists because the dye tends to be rather clear on seam binding (unless you use the very dark colors) and then it is hard to combine colors (not to mention each bottle retails for $7 and dying seam binding takes a LOT of misting).  

So I opted for using Tim Holtz reinkers, ink pads, stains, and LOTS of water.  You see, distress inks are designed to dry slowly and they are water soluble, so when you add even a tiny drop and then add water, it expands quickly.  So depending on the color I want I used complimentary colors of seam binding and inks.  

This is rather a trial and error endeavor, and believe me, I have messed up several yards of seam binding!  The basic technique is adding one or two drops of reinker ink to a mini mister and then fill up with water.  If you only have pads, then you can press the inkpad on a craft mat, then sprinkle some water on it, and dip your bundle of seam binding as if you are "cleaning" the mat (this takes a while...).  But if you decide to save some time and get some ready-to-use crinkled seam binding, here is the listing: Ebay Listing

I named each one of my colors depending on the images they evoked...
Sepia...Like the coloring on those old pictures, perfect combination of vintage brown inks.

Old Lace...This color brought to my mind images of vintage lace you find at antique stores, full of untold stories, and enormous potential...

Calm Lavender...My mind was filled with images of this soothing flower.  I remember having lavender aromatherapy oils in my home and the soft, faint, and calming smell of lavender

Fairy Sugar...This color reminded me of fairies, I thought of a flutter of wings, of everything magical and fantastic, of dainty granules of sugar that may just be appropriate for a fairy

Stormy Sky...This color reminded me of the look of the sky when a storm is brewing.  I live in tornado alley, so we are always in tune with the sky.  The mix of purples and blues that appear just before a storm are the inspiration for this hue.   

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