Monday, June 21, 2010

Coffee Filter Roses

Happy Monday everyone!  Ok, not so happy, but at least happy scrappin'! This is an amazingly easy way to make a flower to embellish your favorite scrapbookin' LOs.  I used cooffee filters to make this roses and they turned out great! I had read in a scrapbooking magazine a tutorial about making cupcake paper flowers, but this has my own spin on it...Personally. I like coffee filters better than cupcake paper because they are thicker and absorb the inks very nicely, especially if you are using distress ink.  I used size 4 coffee filters, but you can use any size... just bear in mind that the circle you cut will hold all the folds, and the larger the filter, the larger the circle you need.  I used circles of 2.5" to 3" in diameter.  Here's the quick tutorial.

Get your coffee filter, desired ink, scissors, glue, and if you like, stickles and a marker. You will also need a circle cut out to set your rose.  .
 Lay the filter flat and ink it with your preferred color and ink type.  I prefer distress inks by Tim Holtz, I'm such a big fan! And the filter will take the ink very well. I used fired brick here.
Once you've inked your filter, cut out a spiral starting on the edge.  Try to leave at least 3/4-1" length between edges so you can actually shape your rose nicely.  The closer you get to the center, the thinner your spiral. 
I used a silver marker to paint the edges so that they look defined, but that's optional.  I would suggest you apply stickles later if you so desire, because they are super sticky and messy...
Now that your filter is prepped, you grab your circle and start folding around the edges.  Start at the outer rim of the circle and work your way towards the middle.  Be mindful of the glue you use, because if it's the liquid type and the filter gets wet, it may tear as you're folding.  With that said, I use the liquid type, I just was extra careful.
When you are done, it will look like this:

And you are done! Here's the LO where I used these roses.
TFL! Feel free to ask any questions!

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