Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Easy Flower Tutorial

This is a very easy flower tutorial.  No need to use dies or punches, so anyone who enjoys scrapbooking can make them! Tools you will need: paper, scissors, glue.

1. The first thing is to cut circles of different sizes.  As you can see in my picture, they don't have to be perfect.  I have a circle cutter, which I used to trace the circles only. I was using mulberry paper, which is really thick and is not cut easily with punches or dies or the cricut. You can use different items to trace the circles, like bottles, bowls, etc.

2.I have some scissors that cut different edge styles.  If you have them, great, but if not, you can cut the waves with your regular scissors.

3.  Now that you have your scalloped circles, you can make small cuts so that you get the shape of a flower.  The way I do it is to cut a triangle shape.  Again, no need for precision here, it gives the flower a genuinely tattered/distress feel.

3.Now that you have your cutouts, spritz them with water.  I have a mini mister, but this used to be a bottle of fragrance mist that I'm reusing, it's bigger and has bigger misting surface.  If you don't have a mister then just sprinkle water onto the paper.  Not too little that it has no effect, but not too much that it tears.  The main reason for adding water is to add pliability to the paper.

4. Now on to roll up the petals you created.  I use the tip of my embossing stylus because it's thin and I get a good hold on it.  But you can use a thin pen or pencil, or even a toothpick.  The idea is to curl inwards, so every petal is curled this way.

5.  Basically you end up with a bunch of cutouts like the ones in this picture, once you are done.
 6. Now you stack them onto each other the largest on the bottom and smallest on top.  I added some prima bling centers, but you can add a pretty button or pretty elaborate brad.  And you're done!

And so you are done! You've got a flower in 6 steps!


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